Between The Lines Issue #1: Civex joins Tech Incubator!


  • As many of you know, after a rigorous vetting process we earned a prestigious partnership with UConn’s Technology Incubator program which provides us with resources from the UConn Data Science Community. We’re proud to say that UConn spotlighted Civex this week on LinkedIn.
  • We’ve engaged with an Application Development partner as our MVP App Buildout is in progress. The initial release is scheduled for December.
  • We are in conversations with multiple organizations/influencers as we build our network of Advocate Partners. In the last week, we received another partnership commitment from a large organization that does a lot of amazing work in the shareholder advocacy space.

The Team

  • We’ve dramatically increased the firepower of the team with a diverse group of 6 additional people working on Technology, Advocate Outreach, and Marketing.

Proxy News

  • A handful of recent news stories have put proxy voting in the spotlight. Blackrock announced they are giving institutional investors a voice on proxy votes, and the SEC released a proposal asking for more transparency on proxy voting. Both of these news items provide further market validation to the growing demand of proxy solutions for the retail audience.