Press Release

Announcing the official launch of the Civex mobile app. The new app is now available on the Apple Store and Google Play. ...
Civex welcomes industry leaders to help guide the company through future growth. The three independent members of the newly established Advisory Board are Phil Bak, Jeremy...
Civex announced today that it has launched with seven inaugural Advocate Partners: ClimateDAO, Corporate Governance, Green America, IASJ, ICCR, Lift Our Voices, and SEIU....

In The News

Interest is growing in pass-through voting tools and Morningstar recently highlighted technology solutions such as those offered by Civex, which has already signed on 10 of the nation’s largest shareholder advocacy organizations.

Being involved in startups is working with the best people with the biggest dreams and the most focused determination. It is working with the people who are the most alive.

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