Between The Lines #8: Civex In The News & The G In ESG

Civex In The News

Civex was thrilled when industry magazine, Advisor Perspectives, chose to publish our thought piece on the current state and opportunity for asset managers to incorporate proxy voting into their corporate governance policies.

  • What is a Proxy Vote? Voting by proxy is when shareholders get a chance to tell the companies in which they are invested which proposals they are for and against. Learn more here. 

Highlights from our Thought Piece:   In ESG Measurement, the Proxy Vote Wins, and Civex is the “G” in “ESG”

  • Due to an increasingly regulated environment, asset management firms are striving to improve their transparency around environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies. The problem is that ESG principles vary from firm to firm.
  • The one place that asset managers can show a measurable commitment to ESG is by providing a pass-through proxy voting experience. It elevates the G – governance – in ESG.
  • While much of the interest from investors is focused on the environmental and social issues, the governance solution is often lacking. Specifically, the role of proxy voting is an overlooked area that should be an ESG fundamental – because that’s what drives change.
  • Thanks to the 1) rise of the individual investors and their growing interest in ESG topics; 2) the INDEX Act’s push for pass-through voting; and 3) the proxy voting initiative by Blackrock, momentum is building across the industry to adopt pass-through proxy solutions.
  • Whether an asset manager buys the pass-through voting tool or builds it internally, the solution provides a powerful opportunity for managers to raise the voice of the individual investor.
  • As published by Advisor Perspectives, the full article is here.

Recognition from a Top Venture Capital Firm

Civex was excited to be recognized in a recent webinar by venture capital firm F-Prime Capital as a key player in the evolving trajectory of the asset management sector! Civex was included in the presentation regarding solutions for corporate governance and shareholder participation. (Snippet from the discussion below)